Great Jones Collaboration

Great Jones Collaboration

Descendant of Thieves


Great Jones Distilling Co.

If you know us, you know we love whiskey. You may have even been offered a shot of rye if you’ve been to one of our stores. It just so happens that a few blocks from the Descendant of Thieves studio is home to Manhattan’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. One hundred years after the last distillery in the city shut its doors, Great Jones Distilling Co. brought it back. They use 100% New York sourced ingredients in their craft whiskeys… Does this sound like our Made in New York capsule? We have a lot of things in common, so we decided to collaborate and design a Great Jones Polo for them. Come by our shops this weekend to get a sample of their whiskey.

There are times to drink responsibly, and times not to. The secret is to know when. 

descendant of thieves x Great Jones Whiskey

Sometimes drinking can lead to good decisions
-Dres Ladro